What Is NYAIL?
The New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) is a collaborative organization representing Independent Living Centers throughout the State.

NYAIL works to:
improve the quality of life, and safeguard the rights of people with disabilities; promote the philosophy and vision of Independent Living both within the disability community and among the general public; advocate for the resources necessary to support Independent Living Centers; and
provide information, group purchasing programs, and technical assistance to member centers.

What is Independent Living?
Independent Living means being in control of your own life, taking responsibility for your actions, taking risks, and either failing or succeeding on your own terms. It means participating in community life and pursuing activities based entirely upon self-determined interests and preferences. To support these goals, Independent Living Centers help individuals of all ages with all types of disability to obtain whatever services they need to preserve their right to choose and to fully and equally participate in society.

What Are Independent Living Centers?
Independent Living Centers (ILCs) are run by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities. Core programs include information and referral services, peer counseling, individual and systems advocacy, and independent living skills training. Other services vary from center to center but generally include: assistance with housing, education, employment, medical needs and personal attendant services.

NYAIL 2012 Disability Agenda

NYAIL 2011 Disability Agenda

Disability Advocates Budget Proposals 2011


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