Assistive Technology

I’ve created this page to show individuals some products I have used to increase my independence as well as others that I have seen that have a lot of potential for others with different disabilities that are also useful. Just continue scrolling and below each picture I have provided a link to websites to look further into each item.

Voice Dictation Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a voice controlled dictation software that allows individuals with mobility impairments, and in fact, any individuals who want or need to type on or navigate the computer with their voice alone.                                     For more info: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Website


Mouse Navigation Control For Computer Use

SmartNav by Natural Point


SmartNav is an infrared mouse tracking technology that allows individuals with mobility impairments to use minimal motions with their head to control the mouse on a computer. The product comes with reflective tape that you can attach to your glasses or a hat that reflects back the infrared put out by SmartNav which is then analyzed by the device and tracked so wherever you essentially point your nose button mouse will follow.                                                         –Natural Point


Accenda- Voice Control for iPod

Accenda is a small device that allows the user six different commands to control an iPod to play music with the use of their voice. It is fairly inexpensive and works well with any iPod.




Environmental Control Units (ECU’s)

Environmental Control Units allow the users to control multiple appliances with the use of their voice, often times using infrared technology and are most often programmable with any device that uses a remote as well as additional appliances that plug into the wall at the proper module accessory is purchased. Uou should contact Sicare’s vendor for more specific information regarding any personal consultations.



ECU/assistive technology prices and video tutorials


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