Daily Freeman Letter: Voter Registration

LETTER: You won’t have a voice if you don’t register to vote

Dear Editor:

The deadline for New Yorkers to register to vote in the 2014 midterm elections is Oct. 10, and it is my hope and effort that all those concerned with the state of affairs within the United States of America, and especially New York state, wholeheartedly consider ensuring that their voice be heard on Nov. 4.

On both the local and federal level, we have a diner menu full of issues for you to indulge your political palate. From the future of state health care exchanges, public and private security, employment numbers and jobs programs to international treaties and foreign intervention, Congress and legislative bodies around the country are yearning for some popular advice.

Heading to your locally designated, Board of Elections-certified polling site and telling your community leaders who you would like to speak on your behalf can be a satisfying and often surprising civic action. So don’t get too overwhelmed by the coming cold or onslaught of daily chores, because in today’s world, it’s times like these I feel fortunate to have a say.



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  1. Jacqueline Gurgui


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