September 25: National Voter Registration Day

Dear fellow Americans,

September 25 is national voter registration day; a day for all Americans to celebrate their right to influence government, and for many, the first time to exercise that right. For others, it is an opportunity to engage the public and to educate them on voting law and its history. One would hope that every American, once eligible, would seek to exercise their right to register, yet “In 2008, 6 million Americans told the U.S. Census that they did not vote because they did not know how to register or they missed their state’s voter registration deadline” ( I find this disconcerting considering our country’s history and the men and women who have fought and died for the right to have a voice in the political process. It is this process that shapes the policies that govern every facet of our lives. In the words of political theorists and activists Thomas Paine, “Voting is a right from which all other rights spring.” Our country has progressed through the decades to incorporate voting rights to individuals of every race, sex, and disability. And it is my hope that those that read this, come away with a better understanding of the imperative and responsibility of all Americans to play an active role in our democracy, lest we lose control of it.

If you are eligible to vote and want to register, you are welcome to come to the Resource Center for Accessible Living (RCAL) at 727 Ulster Ave., Kingston  NY12401.


5 responses to “September 25: National Voter Registration Day

  1. Thanks Keith!


  2. Well said. Just put in my absentee ballot request a couple days ago.

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